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Maximize overall performance with the best equipment.

Maximum control – with a Tow bar system for boats with outboard engine(s).


Towbars are used for wake, ski and tube. Towbars have proven its succes with watersports. No matter whether you’re in for some fun or like to ride the edge and improve your performance.


Designed for professional use with outboard powered workboats. PRO-series designed for even more towload than the FUN-series (up to 500kgf). Towbars are used for positioning and towing of vessels and objects. Also when rescuing people towbars have proven its success.

Keep control over your vessel is important, especially under harsh circumstances. For this reason also port authorities, rescue services, water police often use towbars. TowForceOne PRO-series a must have accessory for tough towing.


The TowForceOne tow-bar ensures unique course stability and manoeuvering capabilities to virtually every outboard.

TowForceOne control

Universal fit

The TowForceOne has universal mounts with dual mounting options. Install your TowForceOne on your motor bracket or directly to the transom.

TowForceOne universal fit

Reduced forces

The extremely compact patented mounts are designed to reduce leverage forces. The mounts position the tow-bar very close to the transom and motor bracket.

TowForceOne reduced forces


Keep your towlines for safety reasons outside your boat! TowForceOne keeps your boat free from towlines and directs the towline away from your outboard.

TowForceOne safety

Easy installation

The TowForceOne comes with pre-assembled mounts making installation easy. Believe it or not 4 bolts is all it takes to install!

TowForceOne easy installation

We love to see you accomplish the best

No matter whether you’re ready to use the TowForceOne Towbar for Fun or for commercial use. The use of a towbar reduces the power needed and has additional advantages.

Fuel saving
Course stability
More space
Adjustable mountingbrackets

Every TowForceOne towbar comes pre-assembled and complete with adjustable mountingbrackets.

Improved course stability

Reduced fuel consumption when towing, Improved course stability, easier handling and manoevrability when towing.

Corrosion resistant material

The TowForceOne towbar is made out of strong corrosion resistant material.

TowForceOne, the product

TowForceOne, the product