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Our mission is to harness our creativity into a viable solution

About Exalto


Exalto stands for quality in every way. Started in 1965, the company developed from a small water sport shop to a strong brand of marine equipment parts, including a range of own developed and manufactured products for the leisure and commercial marine market. From two strong bases in the Netherlands we develop, manufacture, engineer, stock and sell quality equipment around the world.

The new product, our Tow Force One tow bar for leisure and professional use, is another statement to proof our consistency in bringing forward top quality products.

We thrive on challenging projects that produce bigger rewards.

The right tools. The right solution.

As a water-sports enthusiast your goal is to achieve the best, whether you’re in just for fun or as a pro.

Maximize your fun and professional goals with only the best equipment there is.

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We are global and service customers worldwide.